Introduction: Bad Political Showbiz from the Top Down
First Some Important Questions: Had Enough Yet?

Are you confident that the guilty parties in banking, Wall Street, big business, politics or the complicit major news conglomerates will soon, or ever, be held accountable, prosecuted, or even level with us? Why not? When most officials or journalists decide not do their jobs, then who will? Will it be the U.S. Senate or the Congress, perhaps maybe the President? Will the current politicians really implement genuine reform? Will a politician by a new name or other party, actually do the reform they pledged to do when elected to office? The results are reliably superficial acts for appearance rather than reform.

Those old excuses and denials counted on do work to mask the root source of the dysfunction that is so shrewdly successfully avoided. Cleverly calculated reasons can therefore blame partisan politics, to protect the status quo. We are left with reasons like "the system is broken". Well, if so, then who broke it? How and when did it break? Who is in charge Anyway? What's to blame? Actually it's not about blame; it's about responsibility and accountability. Tracing the money will help deal with the source of our gated democracy. The heavies on top of the stage will be addressed over on the red road of synergy to come, not further on down the black road of division and squander that is taking us to our own ruin unless we stop it in time.

Another good question is: Has America already perished from distracted and very short attention span eyes of over indulgence? Have too many allowed themselves to be deliberately deceived and divided by propaganda, phony flag waving and wearing by politicians in staged, rehearsed campaigns in so called debates that eliminate candidates opposing the status quo. The polarization we have, results from blame storming partisan excuses for not doing their job.

It's our duty to bring purpose, integrity and backbone when and where it's needed. The real heroes and leaders rise up from people as intended; rarely are they elected. We have to fight for each other, for our kids and grand kids. Let's try to prevent catastrophe before it becomes a black swan of reality. Let's be genuine Americans, because it's up to us, that's who! We are thus justified and obligated to be concerned and must no longer stand by and witness the corruption and criminalization of our America right before our very eyes, ears and children.

Therefore, now, you can check in at our own WWW.DEMOCRACYGATEUS.ORG Blog and offer your common two cents and do whatever your conscience tells you. It can be simply passing on the word about us all coming together here on this Blog. Our country and future depends on us all. It will be our responsibility to keep our site clear of garbage or sabotage from those who fear us. So, welcome everyone, let us begin! These words and thoughts are in the spirit of such wise and great leaders as Sir Thomas Paine, Chief Seathl, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream for America, and others.

Our Priorities:
The Reason & Purpose for Having a WWW.DEMOCRACYGATEUS.ORG

We must create the means to defend ourselves from our own government officials and the news-biz that have most often failed to represent, protect and report to us. Citizens nationwide will be invited to participate. For now this effort will begin on the Internet, but that will eventually be expanded to other means of communication. This movement will include all races, gender and age groups. We will all have a say, because we all matter, even those of us who are not celebrities with big name recognition and lots of money. Our purpose: accountability for all!

What will not be included here are such prejudices as hate, threats, vindictiveness, sensationalizing of trivial nonsense or moronic conduct to have celebrity status. The mindless garbage will be left to the phony major mainstream news-biz corporate conglomerates that specialize in that kind of crap. Only issues of relevance and substance will be covered here on the people's Blog. Accept no imitations or substitutes for we are the real America. When the initial highlighted categories are beginning to take shape along with original topic content, then the notification announcement phase begins. This will be accomplished by various rather clever and uniquely unconventional methods that will hit home with folks like our flag, Old Glory.

One of the priorities of our Blog will be to diligently describe the relentless harassment of small family business through over regulation, unnecessary fees, high taxes and workers comp requirements that are too much burden and drive out, discourage and are generally inconsiderate of small business needs, like in New York State. In addition are the struggling Americans, unemployed or not, and graduating students. Any, and all, issues of injustice, corruption, and waste, abuse of office, incompetence and fraud must be part of the ongoing effort on our Blog (WWW.DEMOCRACYGATEUS.ORG/BLOG/). Any issue in any category on education, health, music, humor, nutrition, law, voter reform and watch, art, farming, small business profiles, and national local events, recipes, jobs, suggestions, indigenous people's issues, you name it; it will be on our own Blog for all to see and hear.

The majority of mismanagement by crisis or what goes wrong can be prevented with the diligence and encouraged involvement and creativity from us. Though there is, and will be, strong opposition to this reform, we must not and cannot let this injustice continue. The opposition is from politicians, big business and certain folks who feel that they personally benefit from political privilege and partisan politics. But the greatest threat to us all is a false sense of complacency. It is those so-called "good people" in America who do nothing more than vote partisan, not questioning the status quo. They mistakenly take America for granted. Those who do not use rights loose rights for all of us. The battle lines are drawn. "We the people" are the last hope to save our country. The master plan to implement reforms and nifty funding strategies will be forthcoming in sequence of priority stages in due time. So hang in and hang on!


"All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth."  - Chief Seathl, Duwamish-Suquamish

Who's on First?
Finally We're Setting The Record Straight

There are some final details to this introduction presentation. Most politicians are obviously mistaken and confused about their intended job and their role as our representatives, with regards to their authority and seniority status. Also is how we the people are mistreated and how we are supposed to fit in and relate to our representatives and to each other.

First of all, although certain citizens may show leadership qualities as necessary, no citizen should out rank or be superior or subordinate to another. All of us are in charge of, and responsible to each other, for our democracy or republic and our country. Lastly, politicians are equal to us and are there primarily to serve us. We are not here to serve them. No politician should hold seniority over another or us, especially over freshman representatives. In fact, new representatives will likely relate best to those who most recently legally elected them to office. Not those who have a network of patronage that blindly follow old party ways. Not to mention the lobbyists representing big money interests that destroys our democracy.

In most every other profession, be it medical, research, education, teaching, law enforcement, mechanical, musical, or farming, experience is paramount and essential. With the exceptional dubious distinction of most politicians and news reporting, they have made seniority and experience just the opposite. It has become an undesirable detriment to America. It is the choice to allow their inflated ego and sense of purpose to be distorted over time that produces smug attitudes and ineffectiveness. This is never a prerequisite to encourage democracy.

Observing most politicians and reporters has only proven overtime that just the opposite is likely more accurate than what these expert professionals claim. For example, take the opposite of what most politicians and news types say and that is apt to be more accurate than what they claim. This well acquainted 180° method has an all to recognizable-bull odor, despite which side it falls from or the spin fragrance put on, the same recognizable-bull stink results. Smell anything? It's very important to note that improvements by sincere citizens to reform such a corrupt system must be accomplished steadily but gradually. In order to maintain an acceptable level of confusion and malarkey, reforms must be implemented over time. Not too much time, but enough time.

Initial Goals & Ultimate Mission Statement Genuine Journalism

Because we are excluded from our own state and federal government, our goal and mission is clear. We have nowhere else to go but to ourselves. It is up to us to create our own defense of our county and our future for us and our children with our own agenda. Consequently, this Blog is thus made of we the people in order to reform our America as needed. This effort is intended to provide and protect a reliable, trusted, honest and responsible, safe oasis place for all of us to participate and express our concerns, ideas and solutions. This includes any issue that affects our lives and well being. It may not be a panacea, but is a beginning. We, the people are our greatest resource.

We now finally begin to stand up for each other, our country and our future; our initial and ongoing goal is unity. It is the backbone, heart and soul of what America is supposed to mean to us, our children and the world. We must, and will, go far beyond the traditional, outdated, inadequate, self serving news show marketing insider agenda. So, our mission is to go farther than anything else that exists because we are raising the bar and setting the new standard for American journalism. It will be sacred because it will come from us and be held dear to us and for all to emulate throughout the world. Genuine journalists or reporters are always welcome here, professionals or not! We will not speak with forked-tongue, but of truth and actual facts mixed with conviction and compassion? Equally important, there must not be any contradictory information or strategically placed gatekeepers that prevent us from initiating and participating in our own democracy.

We will not lose sight of our own personal individual partisan beliefs. In the interests of genuine reform however, it is imperative that we temporarily put those preferences aside in order to begin to focus on the prerequisite of critical necessity of our unending unity. It is meant to minimize polarization among us so we can then begin to build solidarity for strength to correct our wounded, bleeding and abused, beloved America. We can never continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by partisan division, and blaming to distract us from the fundamental fact that we are all Americans first and foremost. Otherwise, this effort will all be in vain, the status quo will continue, and America and our dreams of America will fade and collapse in destruction.

Genuine differences do exist and must and shall be respected and addressed, but right now we must be disciplined and prioritize our stand for unification, for as we become more aware, united and in touch with each other, as an informed connected citizen network, we will grow in numbers. As we come closer together we see how much more we have in our common, emerging strength in numbers. Side by side we will revolutionize the way we communicate, relate to each other and officials. You have to decide now, should our fate be left up to the majority politicians, banking, big business, Wall Street, and a news media continuing to serve mostly them or to serve us. The only alternative answer is that our destiny must be up to us and only us. This will mean making and keeping a real Democracy, not an illusion of one as we have now.

For our democracy to work for us, it will take much more than simply voting and paying taxes. Our involvement will require direct hands on participation, but there is no way that citizens could do this even if they intend to help out. Folks have responsibilities with jobs, bills, kids, etc. In order for the people to be directly involved it will require certain key logistics. Financial compensation and the means to communicate on a national scale will be part of the essential tools for citizen action. It is inevitable that citizen intervention is the consequence of no faith or trust in politics. Civilian auditors and arbitrators will be officially appointed to establish confidence canceled by deliberate foot dragging and indecision replaced with integrity and accountability.

Our democracy means helping to create the ideal in social order that we participate in, not one that is done to us, but by us. There are those who clamor that we have the kind of political government we deserve. If so, then politics of big money, along with an unreliable news media make the ideal political government they dominate and bribe to preserve. The result is that American Democracy has been hijacked and thus is gated from us.

The world can get messy and the people must be lead has always been the case. In order for us to have the kind of America we need, we will have to begin cleaning it up, for politics has evolved as basically a fraud in denial. America was not the ideal from the start, nor were the founders perfect. However, America is still the best there is. So American Democracy is a goal to strive for. Before it was, America, the indigenous people would consider seven generations ahead when planning for important decisions. We can do better than what's been the status quo so far.

Too many political officials, though highly well compensated, do not serve us or our Constitution as sworn to. This is a significant default, because it proves that most officials answer to and pledge their allegiance to a more direct and dominant authority than us Americans. It is not patriotic or chosen by us, but a force that can wage war without our approval and bring down world economies. However, our top priority now is to see how many of us it will take to help save our country's future before it's too late for our kids and America!

Bumper Snicker
Bumper Snicker


We Are Mutually Fed Up

The Tea and Occupy people are basically demonstrating and protesting against the same injustices in America. The political system is corrupt. It is not ours and therefore does not serve the people as it was originally intended. Legislation and capitalism are rigged against the majority of citizens who cannot afford the money for justice and who don't have the time to lobby. Looking out for us is supposed to be the job of our representatives which rarely happens. Most Banksters, politicians, big biz, including the news biz operate mostly for the direct benefit of each other and are complicit in this travesty of failure to the detriment of the rest of us in America. This does not imply that the wealthy are criminals or should be punished for their success.

The trend or in thing is apparently criminalization, fraud and deception including too many, not doing the job well paid to do is also rampant, commonplace and fascist like. Consequently, We The People are left out to fend for ourselves. The truth is that we are all in this together, though certain partisans might not want to admit that. Partisan beliefs do exist and are necessary for healthy debate to solve problems, not excuses to blame others and avoid doing their job. The ones at the top are calling the maximum profit driven shots worldwide again and again. This is what the protesting is about. It is not about left/right fringe politics reforming itself. It is about genuine reform that is coming from the reasonable citizen-centrist movement.

This fallacy will never be corrected in the way it was created with partisan political parties either through a republic or democratic process. Only the direct involvement and supervision of, by and for the people will begin the process of true proper reform. It is sad to say that there doesn't seem to be the kind of statesmen or stateswomen stepping up to begin creating a more unified America. Perhaps they will rise up out of a need for them.

Therefore, our problem is not one requiring a political solution, but rather the lack of accountability, justice, truth, sincerity, honest to goodness journalism and simply officials doing the job they are sworn to do. What is needed is for the Tea and Occupy folks to form an alliance with as many other citizens as possible. We must join hands together in solidarity to begin the reforms necessary to save our country, and our future. This we must do ourselves. No more parties, for the party is coming to a dead end.

Make your Comments on the American Citizens Speak Our Blog here.

Yours truly,
Chief No-Bull

Chief No-Bull Origin of Chief No-Bull: The character of "Chief No-Bull" was developed to relate how relevant the Native American heritage and wisdom have contributed to the formation of the Constitution of the United States, such as the Iroquois Confederacy. Tragically, it failed to justly serve the Native American people. If any culture could attest to what a democracy should be it is the original stewards of this great land.

Written, produced and portrayed by Tracy Mac ("Trace"). Also, wrote The Bar Book.

The Producer: As a New York State employee for nearly 30 years I disgustedly observed cronyism, waste and incompetence first hand. Consequently, I spoke out and listened to other concerned citizens and employees who were in total agreement. That is when I met and joined in with Frank Quill, President of the nonpartisan organization, "We The People." For years we traveled around New York State educating New Yorkers on how the legal processes of Initiative and Referendum can help to hold politicians accountable. As the volunteer Public Information Director our main goal is to ensure that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from America." The stonewalling we experienced was predictable from most politicians but not expected from most news media. This duplicity actually strengthened our resolve over time and is proof that the ultimate responsibility is up to the people. We must establish the legal right to petition our own government and to be actively and directly involved in a transparent legislative process. This is not something that we should have to plead for. This is an inalienable right that should have always been there for us or provided when we request it, not to defy our efforts to reform our mostly corrupt political and corporate policies in America.

  - "Trace"

Extraordinary Commitment from Heroic Women of Superior Integrity
  • Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Harvard University professor of early America and the history of women. Author, Publisher: Knopf; 1st Ed. edition (September 4, 2007).

  • Brooksley E. Born (born August 27, 1940) Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) from August 26, 1996 to June 1, 1999, the federal agency which oversees the futures and commodity options markets. Recipient of John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award.

  • Marie Catherine Colvin (January 12, 1956 - February 22, 2012) was an award-winning American journalist who worked for the British newspaper The Sunday Times from 1985 until her death. She was killed while covering the siege of Homs in Syria. "The courage to do her job costing her life."

    Marie Colvin
     - Marie Catherine Colvin

  • Doris Haddock (January 24, 1910 - March 9, 2010) was a political activist from New Hampshire who achieved national fame when, between the ages of 88 and 90, from January 1, 1999 to February 29, 2000, she walked over 3,200 miles across the United States to advocate for campaign finance reform. In 2004, she was an unsuccessful Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Judd Gregg for the Senate. She was known affectionately, and later officially, as "Granny D."

    Grannie D
     - Doris "Grannie D" Haddock

  • Cynthia Ann McKinney (born March 17, 1955) was a six terms Democratic member of the House of Representatives and the first African-American woman to represent Georgia. She was the 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States.

  • Olympia Jean Snowe (born February 21, 1947) was the senior Senator from Maine and a member of the Republican Party. She and her fellow Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, were regarded as leading moderates within the Republican party. Snowe did not seek reelection in November 2012. She retired at the end of her third term. "The courage to stand by her principles."

Main Categories


What has been your experience with the Municipalities listed below? Was it a positive or negative experience? Were you treated with courtesy and respect? Was the Agency eager to help you or were they dictatorial and unwilling to compromise policy?

  • State: County, Town, City, Village, Hamlet, Governor, Legislature, Court, Tax, Senate - Assembly and Departments within
  • Federal: Washington, K Street, President, Vice President Branches - Departments within
  • Social Political Issues: Voting Reform, Initiative & Referendum, Proportional Representation Taxes - Fees, Property (School, Sales Tax, etc.)
  • Veterans and their families speak out. Tell your story.
  • Legalizing marijuana. Pros and Cons.
Private Business:

Do you feel the Municipal Agencies do their best to help your business be successful? Does your experience show that Government Agencies seem to be more determined to discourage small business that is in competition with big business? Is small business over regulated and over taxed?

Health Care Coverage for All Americans

Congressional politicians have what has been described as "Cadillac health care coverage." Yet they have shown no urgency to provide any appropriate and comparable insurance plan for the public. There is no legitimate reason to hold up passing it any longer, even if lack of money is the excuse. To fund not only health coverage, but fixing infrastructure, environmental protection, college education and research and development, simply prioritize funding where it is justified, to do so, justly stop wasting trillions of dollars on unending, unnecessary, unwinnable, unjustified wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, stop persisting to antagonize already extremely volatile worldwide messes and madness that is costly and counterproductive. Let's rather fund peace with justice, respect and prosperity toward the greater good, not only in America, but finally to set an example of compassion and sanity beginning here at home, then set the example around the world.

  - Chief No-Bull, Blackfoot

"I want to know God's thoughts . . . the rest are just details."
 - Albert Einstein

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer, philosopher, and polymath. Goethe

"None are more deprived then those who are lead to believe they are free"
 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer, philosopher, and polymath.

The following are initial examples of much needed nationwide reforms.

Initiative & Referendum Button
Initiative & Referendum Button

More than half of the States in America, who are fortunate enough to have citizen Initiative & Referendum, are issued a pamphlet such as this one from California. It is sent out to voters about three months prior to an election informing voters on issues that will be on the ballot for voter referendum by The People. A non-partisan view showing the pros and cons of each issue are described in brief and plain English for fair and clear interpretation. Voters can then discuss these issues and funding among themselves without propaganda influencing outcomes. Voters can then evaluate opposing views in order to make their own informed decisions on the issues, as it was meant to be.

"It is persistent effort, not intelligence or strength, that is the key to full potential"
 - Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, Great Britain, 1940-45 and 1951-55

Sample Ballot Form
Sample Ballot Form

The exact form will vary by jurisdiction and nature of the issue.

Ponder These Points
  • 40% of registered voters in the U.S. are independents.
  • Originally, a twenty, dollar bill was supposed to be worth one twenty dollar gold coin. In 2010 it took seventy - twenty dollar bills or about 1,400 dollars to be worth one twenty dollar gold coin.
  • A dollar is a measure of 25.8 gold grains.
  • The Gold Standard was eliminated in 1971 by Tricky Dick Nixon.
  • A penny is no longer made of copper, because it's too expensive to use and is likely worth more than the paper dollar now a days.
  • The cost of one soldier, for the surge in troops in Afghanistan stood at $775,000 per soldier.

Chief Seathl,
Chief Seattle
"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints."
 - Chief Seathl, Duwamish-Suquamish

Looming Questions
  • Do you believe that politicians will cooperate and pass the aforementioned reforms into law and will they abide by them? When?
  • The National Debt varies around $ 20.0 trillion U. S. dollars. Current National Debt information can be seen here.
  • How much longer can we continue borrowing to pay for wars that are unjustified and unapproved by the American people?
  • How much longer can we afford some 800 military bases throughout the world, while giving billions in aid to foreign countries that should not be our concern, with priority needs at home?
Now Then: Is it time to ask yourself, how important is America to you? Ask a friend, and or family member, how important America is to them? Then ask, whom do you trust? Who and what do you believe in anyway? Who do you trust will actually initiate the rescue of our precious America? Who do you believe should be the keepers of America? No one can be trusted with America's future, but us - "We The People!" It is our mutual responsibility to address these injustices our selves, NOW, or all will be lost forever. Actually, not lost, but stolen! Think about it, if there's still enough time left to think about it!

"He who knows himself knows God,"
 - Muhammad, The Koran
Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Chief Joseph
"It does not require many words to speak the truth"
 - Chief Joseph, Nez Perce
` "Loving thought will be the salvation of the human race. Be of good courage."
 - White Eagle, Indigenous Spirit Healer

"It is noble that America should succeed as originally intended. Even though, most of the territories, lives, crops and animals were taken from the indigenous ones, it must have been for a very worthy reason. And so it is fitting and right America should survive to be a good place to live, grow old and be ever so grateful."
  - Chief No-Bull, Blackfoot

"A house divided against itself cannot stand,"
 - Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, March 1861 - April 1865

The White Black-tipped Eagle-Feather

Designating a place to start is the first step to a shared understanding of concern that enables a dialog to grow with each other. The feather image with the circle of life surrounding the square symbolizes an awakening to a new dawn of conscious cooperation in America and around the world that can only happen with our combined effort. The feather represents spirit or breath as white means peace. Black denotes the potential dark side in all of us. The square indicates intelligence while the image inside is an ancient indigenous hieroglyph that is most meaningful for it signifies mutual responsibility. This is so important because it begins at the individual family level and proceeds all the way up to nations of all sizes and cultures around the world. In order for this to happen, we must all participate in some way. Perhaps it will be our children who can help to show us the way to love each other and respect our environment, for improving harmony and eventually, to find an enhancing the path to peace.

These improvements mentioned are indicative of a new conscious evolution with a certain amount of citizen revolution for this to happen. All of this does not mean that we must always agree. What it does mean is that enough of us agree to minimize the divisiveness. Perhaps then, we could join together and begin to start correcting the tyranny that we can no longer allow to continue in America. With patience and care we can truly set an example around the world. The remedy is to eliminate obstacles together, so we can correct what is wrong, not to continue blame back and forth.

This is what DEMOCRACYGATE is about. It is opening the gate that inhibits our democracy. This process is what America was intended to stand for. It is supposed to mean citizen government by an American citizen assembly. The era of an out of balance dominating political party is over, justice will prevail. Big money monopoly in politics that bribes for preferential treatment is ending, for it has proven over time, that it fails to serve the people first.

The forced policies of outdated procedures burden us all with massive debt, deterioration of integrity and over all disruption. In contrast however, this travesty can turn out to be the tipping point that can launch the dawn of a better way to create our own ideal. We The People can do this by planting the seeds of unity that gradually grow stronger and larger each day. Here lies the Great Purification of hope and faith in humanity that can endure. It is in our efforts together that gives us the power to bring about an opportunity for humankind to survive through it all. We can be as one people in a common goal of peace and prosperity that we create.

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse, Warrior
"We preferred hunting to a life of idleness on our reservation. At times we did not get enough to eat and we were not allowed to hunt. All we wanted was peace and to be left alone... I was not allowed to remain quiet. I was tired of fighting... I have spoken."
 - Crazy Horse, Shirtwearer, Oglala Sioux, on his deathbed, 1877

Our Purpose Matters Most

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
 - Martin Luther King Jr.
  Letter from Birmingham Jail,
  April 16, 1963

Though I agree with the information put together here, it is not my observations or solutions that matter. Rather, it is all of the wise words of many joined together, (found with the reference key) in cooperation in conjunction with our purpose that matter very much indeed. It is actually the collective consciousness of many that give us power. Again the opinion of what I, or others think of me is not important. The path that I have chosen is important indeed. Though, in the first half of my life I was not aware of what was to come. Henceforth, I did not know that I might even be here, let alone in this adventure. But evidently, I'm the only one the spirit power could get to commit to this mission. And so, here I am. Perhaps it is my mother's Blackfoot heritage and journalistic spirit that has helped me find my purpose. For this is what she would have wanted to do for the benefit of all.

I have surrendered to the law of unity that guides me toward the infinite potential of the unknown. Therefore, I do not struggle for approval or recognition. I do not compete or wish to control with external forces. Superior to no one, I am only the instrument of my consciousness being the messenger of the result manifesting itself. Though I was not aware a lonesome road beckoned, I will still follow it to where ever it takes me. Finally, the great Holy Creator has conveyed to me through a spirit, without expecting, thus abruptly awakened from a sound sleep to be told, "Do not be afraid, for the Lord is with you." For this, I am truly, profoundly and eternally thankful!

  - Chief No-Bull, Blackfoot

Jesus "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"  -  Jesus, in Mark 8:36 King James Version